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Child and Adolescent Therapy

My approach to working with children and adolescents is to infuse lots of authenticity and humor into every session. The last thing a young person needs is for me to be "another adult telling them what to do." There are many ways to motivate young people that do not require lectures or warnings about the possible consequences of their actions. Most young people are eager to find a sense of self-acceptance and to experience mastery in managing their own life choices. I often hear from young people that they find me "different" than other therapists and I think the key ingredient is to connect with them on their level through humor, story telling, and exploration of the problems in their lives from a variety of angles.

What are common challenges treated through child and adolescent therapy?

  • Overcoming trauma

  • Impulse control and decision making challenges

  • Emotion regulation challenges

  • Anxiety, depression, irritability, and anger difficulties

  • Safe and healthy sex positive sexuality development

A message to my prospective child and adolescent clients:

I have good news: it's not you. You are not the cause of your problems. It took many years, multiple important people in your life, the influence of many systems (such as school and social groups) to get you to where you are at today. When you work with me, we look at all of it and we work to solve problems and gain skills while having a lot of fun. I'm not just another adult in  your life: I am your ally in the fight to have a life that feels good to you. You may not have started the problem, but you are the start to the solution.