Individual Child or Adolescent Therapy

Childhood and adolescence is not for the faint of heart. Children may benefit from learning healthy ways to express their emotions and manage negative emotions.

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Individual Adult Therapy

Adults may need help finding meaning and fulfillment in life. They may want to improve their relationship skills, learn to set boundaries, or develop the ability to stay calm in challenging situations.


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Family Therapy

Families go through ages and stages as they grow, expand, and contract again. Relationships are a dance through life and sometimes we need help finding the right steps and understanding the music.

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Couples Therapy

Is your partner not the right fit for you or have you two simply not yet learned the skills to keep a happy relationship? I provide a non-judgmental and easy-going space to find greater fulfillment in love.

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Is your child having trouble at school? Do you think they may need help, but you don't know how to get it? I have extensive experience working with families who need to access services. Let me help you.

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